Kopenhagen Fur credits Russian Fur Boomers

In Saint Petersburg, the 23rd Admiralty Needle fashion contest introduced the Fur Boom category, and Kopenhagen Fur was represented as an official jury member at the prestigious Russian competition.

The two Fur Boom winners chosen by the Kopenhagen Fur delegation were Olga Chernashekova for the 'Tho' collection along with Viktoriia Plehanova for 'My Tokyo dreams'. Kopenhagen Fur extended an invitation to the winners, looking forward to welcoming them at the Kopenhagen Fur Studio at a later date.

The second picture in the gallery above is a style from 'My Tokyo Dreams'. Designer V. Plehanova has added that everything you see - including the boots - was made by her own hands. The Third picture is from  the collection 'Tho' by Olga Chernashekova.

The Fur Boom nomination, inspired by Kopenhagen Fur's Imagine show, was introduced in 2016 and is an opportunity for young talents from all over the world to submit their sketches and showcase fur models on the Russian catwalk.