Kopenhagen Fur opens new sales season

The first customers have arrived to attend Kopenhagen Fur's January auction. The auction is the first of five to be held in 2017. The offering consists of almost 2.2 million mink skins besides offerings of chinchilla and Greenlandic seal skins. 

The January auction is the smallest in the season and it is expected that 300 to 350 customers are attending. Half of the customers are from China/Hong Kong.

- We are in the middle of the retail season and reports from the markets are positive. There is continuously hard competition on the Chinese market and the price on fur garments in retail stores are under pressure. However, sales volume is bigger than in the previous year, says CEO Jesper Uggerhøj, Kopenhagen Fur.

He adds that the Russian market for the first time in recent years seems to be in better condition. According to Chinese and Greek fur manufacturers

activity and sale on the Russian market are on the rise.

The mink skin collection offered for sale at Kopenhagen Fur 's January auction is relatively small compared to the expected total offering in 2017 amounting to approximately 26 million mink skins.  

Inspection started January 5 and auction sales takes place January 8 to 11.

Read the sales programme here