Kopenhagen Fur has a new auctioneer

A new auctioneer made his debut at the September auction and it went very well.


An auction room filled with customers all looking at you. They are all counting on you to see and hear them, and most importantly they count on you to be able to see, who makes the fastest bid. That is the reality you face as an auctioneer, when you take your place on the podium in Kopenhagen Fur's auction room in Glostrup.

Head of Customers Department at Kopenhagen Fur, Brian Ruddy Tufvesson, can now call himself an auctioneer after he had his debut in the auction room in Glostrup on Tuesday 13 September. His first time on the podium was successful and despite the fast pace in the auction room, the auctioneer is the one who controls the pace.

- Actually, I sold at a good pace, but I am not quite as fast as the rest of the auctioneers. As I get more practice I will be able to catch up with the other auctioneers, Brian Ruddy Tufvesson said about his first time on the podium and added that he still needs to practice counting faster in English. But he believes he will acquire that skill, as soon as he has more routine.

- I think I will get better at counting in English and follow the pace in the auction room as soon as I have done it a few more times.

"Doing well is important"

- I was nervous just before stepping up to the podium, and I think, that is normal, when standing in front of a filled auction room with customers who want to make their bids. And essentially I am doing it for the farmers, so doing well is important, he said.

As soon as Brian Ruddy Tufvesson got started and the auction went well, he stopped being nervous. But he still thinks, he will get nervous the next couple of times he goes on the podium.