Jim Lyngvild designs mink cape in China

The great Chinese designer QiGang and Jim Lyngvild have created a design that combines Nordic and Chinese fur fashion. Their design is going to be displayed at Kopenhagen Fur's fashion show during Shanghai Fashion Week.


When Designer QiGang heard that the Danish fashion commentator and designer Jim Lyngvild was preparing a great Viking show featuring styles from Fur Fab for Shanghai Fashion Week, he jumped at the opportunity to be involved.

Their cooperation resulted in a mink cape that will be presented during the big fashion show, Kopenhagen Fur will hold early in April.

The cape will reflect both Nordic and Chinese fur fashion and according to Jim Lyngvild, Qigang interprets Danish culture and fashion, so it gets a Chinese twist.

- It is really exciting and rewarding to work with QiGang and the Chinese interpretation of the Vikings. The two worlds are not so far apart, because both cultures use the same kind of storytelling. Also, an ancient Buddha statue was found in an old Viking grave, which shows that our ancestors have probably exchanged cultural items, says Jim Lyngvild.

Great media interest

Lyngvild and QiGang worked closely together in QiGangs studio from early morning to late afternoon.

During the working process, many people from the press were present and followed their work closely. This also included Youku, the Chinese equivalent of Youtube, and Xinhua News, the Chinese equivalent of Reuters.

QiGang was thrilled to meet the tall blond Dane and it did not take long, before pictures of QiGang and Lyngvild began to flourish on Chinese social media.

Kopenhagen Fur has previously worked with QiGang. At the great H. C. Andersen-show during China Fashion Week in 2014, he designed the entrance to the Nightingale.