Kopenhagen Fur united innovation and design in a magnificent fur show

Tuesday evening Kopenhagen Fur presented "Imagine Talents 2016", the  fur auction house's newest international design project focused on fur  innovation. Here, 28 hand-picked design students from Denmark, England,    France, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Greece presented    their vision of future fur designs at a big event at the domicile of    the Federation of Danish Industry in central Copenhagen. More than 500    guests, including prominent names from politics, business and culture    as well as press and buyers from around the world, were present when    Kopenhagen Fur celebrated the design talents and their views on future    fur fashion.

Tuesday evening, a huge turnout of press, ministers, fashionistas, elected politicians and celebrities attended Kopenhagen Fur's great international  event "Imagine Talents". The domicile of the Federation of Danish  Industry once again provided the setting for the event, where the house's  distinctive glass facade and stylish interior were given a new and interesting  look from the show's scenography and styling. The theme of the  show was 'Tribal Punk', which was created to emphasize the versatility,  creativity and boldness in the use of fur by the 28 participating international  design talents. 

The catwalk was framed by trees and neon tubes in three connected sections.  The structure of the catwalk marked the meeting between the organic  and futuristic, which was also presented in the fur styles. "Imagine  Talents 2016" was a display of details, colours and techniques that are  possible when working with modern fur design.

The event was part of the Danish auction house's innovation focus "Imagine", Kopenhagen Fur's strategic cooperation with world-leading  design universities and fur manufacturers. The project aims to link tomorrow's  designers with the leading forces in the fur industry through  teaching, creative interaction and knowledge sharing. In this way, bridges  are build between producers, schools and students, creating good  relationships that are crucial to students' interest in working with fur in  the future.

"At Kopenhagen Fur we are pleased that the evening's event, Imagine Talents 2016, went so well. The Imagine project is all about teaching inthe use of fur and cooperating with new, fresh talents globally. The fur  designs of the 28 design talents show the great creativity and potential  inherent in fur innovation and fur's potentials in international fashion.  We look forward to continuously rethinking our design approach - both in  Denmark and internationally, "says Michael Stadi, Head of KiCK, Kopenhagen  Fur's creative centre. 

The objective of 'Imagine Talents' - a global design project created by Kopenhagen Fur in 2014 - is to facilitate the cooperation between the fur trade and future designers. The project is targeted at the major design universities worldwide, who are offered a comprehensive  strategic cooperation with  Kopenhagen Fur that includes classes in fur technique, cooperation with some of the world's best furriers and a unique  opportunity to showcase the  design students' talents at a big show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.