Great optimism and confidence in the market at the Hong Kong fur fair

There was a great atmosphere and interest in Kopenhagen Fur's booth at the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair, held from 25 to 28 February.


The Hong Kong Fur & Fashion Fair has just ended, and Kopenhagen Fur participated with a booth that attracted many guests.

Kasper Scott Reinbacher, Head of Marketing, Per Knudsen, Global Sales Manager, and Chris Cui, President of Kopenhagen Fur, China, reported that there was a good atmosphere, great optimism and confidence in the market at the fair.

According to customers, this is attributed to Kopenhagen Fur's strong sales percentage at the February auction, but also because of the low skin prices, which means they are purchased and sold in large quantities. Many of the different booths received orders at the fair.

Fur for the next generation

Many guests also pointed that the Russian market has stalled, and therefore the focus is now on other markets, including China, Japan and Korea.

- Our booth attracted many visitors - especially because of curiosity about our fur techniques from Kopenhagen Studio, and our fur technique books were very popular. We experienced great interest from Korean designers, but also from traditional Chinese fur manufacturers who want to develop their styles to suit the new generation of fur customers in China, says Kasper Scott Reinbacher.

In addition, the Chinese customers have shown a surprisingly great interest in seal skin, and many asked for seal skin brokers and agents.

The swakara area was also well attended, and guests showed great interest in the various techniques. Swakara representatives have also reported that they are very impressed with Kopenhagen Fur's activities in China.