Update for the Kopenhagen Fur Auction App

The Kopenhagen Fur Auction App, where one can follow auctions live, will be updated to a newer version.

A new feature will give users the chance to receive notifications about prices every time a skin type is sold.

Users can choose to receive the notifications in either Danish, English or Chinese and in four different currencies: DKK, EUR, USD or CNY.

Also, deviations will be calculated based on the selected currency - and not in DKK as previous.

Release before the April auction

The update will be available for Android, Windows and Windows Phone and it will be released Wednesday, just before the April Auction begins. The update will be ready for iPhone and iPad before the June Auction.

Updating the Auction App is part of a continuous development of systems that support our customer's ability to follow the auction no matter where they are located.

The update for Kopenhagen Fur Auction App can be found here:



Windows Phone

The update will be available for iOS here just prior to our auction in June:

For iPhone and iPad