Gallery: Kopenhagen Fur supports Shanghai as a new fashion capital

This year's Shanghai Fashion Week took place in October, and here guests could visit a showroom with Danish and Italian designs. Shanghai's goal is to be an international fashion capital, and Kopenhagen Fur's job was to participate with hip European designers.


In April, Kopenhagen Fur and Shangtex started cooperating with Shanghai Fashion Week, and this year's fashion week is the first big event since the beginning of the cooperation. The intention is to build the city into one of the leading international fashion capitals. European designers are an important part of the project. 

Kopenhagen Fur, Shangtex and Shanghai Fashion Week presented the two Danish brands Les Deux and Fonnesbech and the Italian Numerootto in a grand, 30 minutes long catwalk show. The show was meant to demonstrate the creativity and diversity that characterize European fashion to the Chinese market. Therefore, the three brands distinguished from each other in both prices and stylistic designs.  


Success in The SquareApart from the runway show, Kopenhagen Fur, Shangtex and Shanghai Fashion Week also had a showroom called The Square where the three brands could show their designs. Several visitors from the fashion world seemed interested, and the press was present both at the exhibition and at the summit about sustainable fashion, which the three organizers were also behind. 

- There was a steady flow of visitors. The intention with the Square was to assemble international brands and a wide range of Chinese customers, and it has definitely been a success, says Kasper Scott Reinbacher, VP Marketing & Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur. 

Kopenhagen Fur's creative center, Kick, works with Les Deux whose Co-Founder Andreas Christian von der Heide was impressed with the attendance at the Fashion Week as well.

- It was very beneficial for us to attend the fashion week. We have focused more on creating a platform for our brand in the Chinese market rather than just selling products, and we feel that we can continue developing that platform. In Denmark we can also use the Shanghai Fashion Week on the social Medias - one of the reasons being the professional setup, he says.


Fur can be easier to useChina is already a big importer of fur, but through the cooperation with Shangtex and Shanghai Fashion Week, Kopenhagen Fur can show China, how fur is easily incorporated in the fashion world. Thereby, it will be easier for local brands to use the material. According to Les Deux you do not need to use large amounts of fur for traditional coats in order to get the fashionable fur-look.

- We use the fur for logos on our designs and for small details. It gives the designs a more exclusive look without it being completely priceless, says Andreas Christian von der Heide.