Greek family manufacturer benefits from DAY collaboration

The Kastoria based company KN Furs have been chosen to manufacture the big Danish fashion brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen's upcoming A/W fur collection. According to KN Furs, it is a big opportunity that makes the future brighter for the Greek family business.

KN Furs has been manufactoring fur garment for more than 30 years, but it is the first time they have an order of this kind. Normally, they get orders on their own collection from their customers, who are primarily based in Russia, Korea, China and USA. But this time, it is different, explains Dimitris Karanikolas, General Manager and second generation in the family business.

-  This is new to us. A project manager from Kopenhagen Fur visited our factory in Kastoria to see how we work. She must have been satisfied, because afterwards she sent us two patterns and introduced us to DAY. So now we are making garment for them based on their design.

That is how the collaboration between KN Furs and DAY started, and the Greek manufacturor is going to make 50 styles for DAY using the two patterns. And it is a big deal for them.

- I am very happy with this collaboration. It gives us more work. And we are honoured to work with DAY and Kopenhagen Fur. It is good for our company, for our brand - for everything to be introduced to this kind of collaboration, says Dimitris Karanikolas.

He considers this the beginning of a very bright future for KN Furs.

-  It is a great opportunity for us. I am very thankful and impressed with the work that Kopenhagen Fur does to connect designer brands and manufacturers.