Astrid Andersen at New York Fashion Week

Astrid Andersen is one of the greatest Danish menswear designers. Yesterday she showed her collection for the first time at New York Fashion Week.

The expectations were sky high when the models walked down the catwalk in Astrid Andersen's new collection called "Bespoke". In the spotlight was a mix of streetwear and elements from the classic men's fashion where the many technical details gave a glamourous finish. The collection had, among other things, 17 styles with fur that Astrid Andersen has made in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur. 

Astrid Andersen has got her inspiration from the American basketball environment, so the collection fits perfectly into the fashion week in New York. The Danish designer expects catching a new and exciting target group in the American city.

The "Bespoke" collection was presented at the top of the hyped hotel The Standard in Meat Packing District. The cloth in the collection is especially popular among famous hip hoppers as A$AP Rocky and you will need a lot of money to buy Astrid Andersen's newest collection. For example, the most expensive fur style will cost you about 33,600 Euros in a shop.

Astrid Andersen loves fur and finds the development in the fashion industry interesting. A few weeks ago to the fashion week in Copenhagen fur was a bigger part of the runway than just five years ago. Fur has become a regular part of the collections that are shown at the yearly fashion weeks all over the world.