Video: Kazakhstani designer explores fur

Zhuldyzay Rysbekova won the design competition Open Way during the Kazakhstani fashion week in October. Part of her price was a trip to Kopenhagen Fur, where she got the opportunity to learn how to work with fur. It is her first time working with the soft material, but definitely not her last.


The young design talent, Zhuldyzay Rysbekova, studies her bachelor in costume design at Astana Academy of Art Shabyd in Kazakhstan. Last October, she participated in a competition for design talents, Open Way, which took place during the fashion week in Kazakhstan. It is a national design competition that gives the young talents the prospect to be seen and to evolve their designs.

Zhuldyzay Rysbekova impressed with her design and won first price including the trip to Kopenhagen Fur. During her stay in August, she learned a lot about fur - from farm to design. She both visited a mink farm, the auction house in Glostrup and Kopenhagen Fur's talented furriers.

She was very impressed with her stay. Already on her third day she was hooked on working with fur, which she will incorporate in her future collections.

- It is the first time I work with fur, so I learn so much here in Kopenhagen Studio. I am really glad that I won the Open Way design competition and that Kopenhagen Fur supports young designers, Zhuldyzay Rysbekova said.

Fur TV met the designer at Kopenhagen Studio for an interview.