Fur garment gilded with 24 carat gold

Kopenhagen Studio has developed a mink skin gilded with 24 carat gold in collaboration with the German luxury maker Falk Rau.

Falk Rau from the German company Luxurymanagement24 individualizes luxury products. He knows, how to make an exclusive Rolex watch even more exclusive, and he coats things with 24 carat gold in his new company Carmina Gold. Now Falk Rau has done that with a mink skin.

- I called Kopenhagen Studio, because I knew it represents exclusiveness. I thought that we could try to gild a mink skin, and the idea was applauded by Thomas Andersen, Head of Studio, Falk Rau says.

After some work with a method that Falk Rau keeps to himself, he and Kopenhagen Studio succeeded with the gilded mink skin. A luxury skin now used as a golden stripe on a black mink jacket. 

Besides design collaboration and educational programmes at universities, Kopenhagen Studio developes new skin techniques. Dyeing, new ways to sew and now gold coating too. To Thomas Andersen Falk Rau's gold techniques prove that the only limitation is your imagination.

- It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Falk Ray, and it shows, that fur is a material with a lot of possible applications, Thomas Andersen says.