Kopenhagen Fur Creates Massive CO2 Reduction at their Facilities

To be stored correctly, fur skins are kept in a chilled facility, and Kopenhagen Fur have now replaced their almost 1.000 fluorescent lamps in these chilled facilities with sustainable LED light bulbs, reducing yearly CO2 emissions by 74 tons.


“The new LED-light bulbs use significantly less power and are all controlled by motion sensors, only lighting when people enter the hall. In total we save up to 50% of the electricity bill by changing all traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs, furthermore with the motion sensors we can save an additional 40”, says Anders Hansen, Technical Manager of Kopenhagen Fur.

Less energy spent
Furthermore, the old light bulbs created a lot of heat, demanding extra energy creating cool air to maintain the low temperature. The new LED light bulbs do not release nearly as much heat, resulting in a lower use of energy.

“Since November where the first LED light bulbs were installed in the first hall it has been possible to turn off the cooler and only ventilate with air from outside. In this hall the expense of refrigeration was 180.000 DKK annually. With the new lights Kopenhagen Fur will save about 100.000 DKK solely in the one hall. With this huge cost reduction, we will expect the same tendency in the other halls”, Anders Hansen explains.

Improved work environment
Not only has Kopenhagen Fur’s environmental impact been reduced, also the work environment has improved. Several employees have applauded the change of lighting as it has improved their daily work environment.

 “Our colleagues have expressed excitement about the change after experiencing a significant difference in their workday. The new lights resemble daylight creating a more natural light and making it easier to see i.e. text and labels more clearly.” Anders explains.