Saks Potts Reshowed Their Collection 14 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Last night the Danish designer duo, Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts, reshowed their “Biker-Collection”. The closing event of Copenhagen Fashion Week was held at a rooftop parking lot and included three pieces made in a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur.

At the event, VP of Design & Creativity at Kopenhagen Fur, Julie Iversen, modelled in a showpiece mink fur:

"I have had the great privilege of knowing the talented for the past six years now and in the duration of that time we have collaborated on numerous accounts and in various settings, but always with the luscious material of fur at the core of our collaborations. Last night I had the pleasure of not only representing the Saks Potts brand, but also Kopenhagen Fur through this beautiful full fur coat I wore with pride."

Due to the Corona situation Saks Potts decided to do something different for this fashion week, and says to American Vogue:

"When Corona broke out, we quickly realized it was impossible to go through with a fashion show in our usual scale which typically includes over 1000 guests. We love to showcase our universes for a big crowd, as we often think that small and intimate shows can feel a bit too non-inclusive for us. We like to present our brand for everyone who loves it! This is also why we have chosen to do a more direct-to-customer driven event that will showcase the vibe around our “Biker” AW20 collection, which will drop in stores around the same time as the event."

Click through the gallery to see the three mink pieces from the Collection 14: