Mandy Shen Becomes Double Top Lot Buyer

Chinese brand Mandy Shen keeps fur in the family, run by a young husband and wife team since 2012 and named after their daughter.

Their first trip to a Kopenhagen Fur auction yielded results, when they were able to purchase two Top Lots, one in Pastel Velvet Female Mink for 3,400 DKK and one in Black Swakara for 700 DKK.

“Copenhagen has always been a great source of inspiration to us, but this was the first time we came to the auction house in person,” says owner Shen Danhong.

“We will use the Top Lots to design special garments to present at a fashion show.”

Each Top Lot holds a different appeal.

“For Swakara, we were attracted by the tactile appearance and colour. Swakara has a very precious and special texture, but it is not well-known by Chinese consumers. We hope that we can broaden its renown to give more customers the experience of the ultimate in quality,” Shen says.

The Top Lot in Pastel Mink reflects a trend in China for natural tone and muted colours.

“A few years ago, we 90% of what we sold was in dyed colours. Now, we are beginning to sell more natural colours, such as Pastel and Peal, which is really suitable for our customers. Many mothers love these warm colours, which contain a touch of elegance.”

The pair run multiple shops on online portal Taobao, and say they are selling more and more mink garments to a high-end customer group.

“Our customers value quality very highly, so we only use Purple grade mink from Kopenhagen Fur,” says Shen. “We also add our own unique features, like using Swarovski crystals or touches from Italian womenswear.”