KiCK becomes Kopenhagen Fur Studio

In the future, Kopenhagen Fur Studio will manage Kopenhagen Fur's activities aimed at the fashion sector.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio will continue the activities that have previously been carried out by KiCK, which involves the furrier workshop, collaborations with the international design schools, commercial co-operations with fashion companies and Fur Fab.

- We want to connect the activities in Kopenhagen Fur Studio closer to Kopenhagen Fur and ensure a direct exposure of Kopenhagen Fur through our many projects with fashion and the lifestyle trade alongside with our university cooperation's, says Julie Marie Iversen, VP Design and Creativity, Kopenhagen Fur Studio, and adds.

- The new strategy at Kopenhagen Fur Studio is to increase our focus on cooperating with fashion houses in order to associate them closely to Kopenhagen Fur as customers. Furthermore, we wish to share our knowledge and expertise by offering advice on fashion and design to our auction customers to support their sale.

Kopenhagen Fur offers the world's finest mink skins. By 2020, the skins offered here will be WelFur certified to document the high level of animal welfare and this meets a great wish from the fashion trade. Based on this, Kopenhagen Fur intends to position itself as the fashion trades preferred partner.

The furriers of Kopenhagen Fur Studio will be united in one department managed by Catja Beck-Berge. Up till this point, she has worked with production and sourcing in connection with Kopenhagen Fur's collaborations with fashion companies.
Beck-Berge is a trained furrier having received her training at Birger Christensen. She has previously worked at Great Greenland and with production at the fashion company, Sand.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio is continuously focusing on introducing fur to fashion companies and to develop production- as well as design processes continues. However, with a more commercial goal. Focus will be aimed at high-end brands and Kopenhagen Fur's auction customers in order to develop and strengthen Kopenhagen Fur.

As VP, Design and Creativity, Julie Marie Iversen will be in charge