Success is streaming from China to Denmark – and back again

In a relative short span of time, Kopenhagen Furs live streaming of the auction has been very well received in Asia.

Kopenhagen Fur host auction facilities in TongErPu, Beijing and Yu Yao where customers can view  live streams of the auctions and the prices in Denmark and contact their broker in the auction room to purchase the skins that they need. The sites in TongErPu and Yu Yao are hosted in collaboration with major brokers.

This concept has been so well received that approx. 50 venues in total have auction facilities where customers can view the live streaming of the auction.

- It is true that the live streaming has been well received by our customers. Currently, we host venues at major manufacturing bases and we support the additional venues located in Zhe Jiang, Liao Niong, He Bei, Guang Dongand other sites, says Chris Cui, President, Kopenhagen Fur Beijing.

One of the reasons the live streaming has been so well received is the economic benefit.

According to customer Jin Liangren from Ban Ni Nu Fur, who chose the option of attending Kopenhagen Fur's live streamed April auction, the benefit is obvious.

- The number of skins that I need can vary. That is why I prefer the online auction, as it offers flexibility for my business. It is free in the sense that I don't spend money on travel expenses, he says and adds:

- I trust my broker's experience when it comes to inspecting the skins, so I can buy skins even though I am not present at the auction.

Mr Jin Liangren also adds that he has confidence in Kopenhagen Fur's grading.

- The grading system is reliable and therefore I can buy skins according to the catalogue, he says.

Hundreds of online customers

According to Chris Cui, 80 to 100 customers attended Kopenhagen Fur's live stream venues in China during the April auction. Approx. 1000 customers attended the remaining live streaming facilities.

She adds that the customers typically fall into two categories. One type of customer is familiar with Kopenhagen Fur's grading. They have dealt with the Danish auction house for a long time and they trust the quality grading. They choose to purchase at a venue where the live streaming is offered, thus saving themselves the rigors of a long journey.

The other type of customers only requires a small amount of skins and therefore, a short local journey instead of a long one simply makes sense.

For customer Huang Xinmiao from Sen Di Fur there is also the added convenience of technical support in case it is required in China.

- Kopenhagen Fur provides us with broadband private line services and, if we have technical issues, experts help us solve the problem, so we are very satisfied, he says.

He, along with customer Chen Kechiun from Diao Xiong Wang Fur, attend the live streamed auctions in order to purchase small quantities of skins.

- For me, buying skins this way is more cost-effective and convenient, says Mr Chen Kechiun.

Supporting the service

Kopenhagen Fur´s staff in Beijing, as well as key personnel from the auction house in Denmark, put a great effort in supporting the streaming service in China.

- Everything from providing grading posters as well as actual training workshops on how to buy with us and read our catalogue etc., says Chris Cui.

As the service is increasing in popularity by each auction, Kopenhagen Fur intends to focus on offering an improved digital solution for the online centres in China as well as courses in auction procedures and insight into the grading procedure.