Kopenhagen Fur x Morten Ussing at ReMix 2017

Kopenhagen Fur's talented collaboration partner Morten Ussing is selected as one of the 10 finalists for the ReMix 2017 show. ReMix is a prestigious fur design competition attracting students from all over the world. Morten Ussing was selected from hundreds of international applications and will be showcasing three fur styles at a show taking place during Milan Fashion Week, February 24 2017.

The collection is inspired by Kristín Marja Baldursdóttirs book"Karitas - Untitled",a poor fisherman's daughter from Iceland who ends up as a true femme fatale and a well-known artist in the roaring and glamorous 20´s and 30´s Paris. The source of inspiration is further reflected by the colors that are drawn from the overwhelming Icelandic nature.

"By exploring and experiencing the beautiful nature first hand, I've been inspired by the ice blue glaciers, the green fields and purple lupines. To fully understand and tell the story of Karitas' life, I have researched the workwear of Icelandic fishermen's families from the beginning of 1900, and the glamour of the French female artists from the 20´s. This creates an interesting dialog between the silhouettes, colors and the fur."Says Ussing.

The designs are developed in close collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur's internal workshop located in the heart of Copenhagen. Furrier, Mikkel Ø. Schou, describes how they spotted the collaboration partner:

 "Morten is a graduate from Central Saint Martins that returned to Denmark quite recently. He launched his first collection last summer, which caught the attention of several people within the fashion-industry, including ours. There was something exciting about this new designer and his original use of colors and shapes. In other words, he provoked a curiosity and made us consider what could happen if we let him experiment with fur."   

This is not the first time Morten Ussing attracts attention from the Italian fashion industry. The talented designer's work was recently featured in Italian Vogue together with a group of other craftsmen.