Oh! What a night

Last night Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur joined forces with Kopenhagen Fur as they, for the first time, held a show during Copenhagen Fashion Week displaying Oh!'s FW17 collection.

The show was held in beautiful surroundings near Frederiksberg Gardens in central Copenhagen, and was a celebration of life, optimism and diversity.

The mission of theshow is inspired by fur as a sustainable material and about responsibility. Oh! want's to state that fur is for everyone!

On the inspiration for the show, Rebecca, Head of Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur says:

- Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur represents 'Everyday wearable luxury' - making fur accessible. We cannot become everyone's friend, but we encourage and celebrate diversity. There should be room for everyone, both those we agree with and those that are different from us.

Ethical Sensuality

In the dark room, incredible dancers of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds were individually lit up as they presented Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur bags and charms.

Through an expressive and artistic dance show, the audience received an experience beyond the traditional catwalk, which awoke all senses.

The show ended with standing applause from the crowd.