John Papsø new chairman of Fur Europe

On 21 April, John Papsø was elected chairman at a Fur Europe Board meeting. He succeeds Kenneth Ingman from Finland.

- I think it is exciting. I like to share the experiences in our organization in terms of openness with the other member countries. If they can benefit from these, it can help to ensure the future of fur farming in all fur farming countries. However, it is a big task and there are many things to do, says John Papsø, vice chairman of the Danish Fur Breeder Association - and now also chairman of Fur Europe.

As the new chairman, he wants the European fur business to be more proactive.

- I would like us to have even more focus on being proactive rather than quenching fires. I believe that is far more efficient. If we make people aware of the business and, for example the good animal welfare in "peace time", we can expect more responsiveness than when the business is under fire, he says.

John Papsø also wants to strengthen the retail and spread the knowledge of fur and fur accessories even more in close collaboration with the global organization, International Fur Federation (IFF).

John Papsø succeedsKenneth Ingman, who represents the Finnish fur breeders and continues to do so as board member. At the latest Fur Europe Board meeting, John Papsø gave a speech to his Finnish colleague thanking him for his great effort.

- You led the way when EFBA and IFF were merged and ensured that we now have a unified in Europe representing the entire fur sector. This is a huge achievement, which means that we will stand stronger in Europe as we face the future. It was also under your leadership that we took the final step and agreed to implement WelFur on all European fox and mink farms. I think we all owe you a big thank you for that. These will be the corner stones I will build as we go forwards, he said.