Big fur fashion show in Shanghai – see all the 2017 Imagine styles here

Designer: Rose Danford-Phillips, Royal College of Art, London

Designer: Tomoya Hasegawa, Nagoya Mode Gakuen, Japan

As a conclusion of Shanghai Fashion Week in China, Kopenhagen Fur held the large-scale fashion show, Imagine Talents 2017. Here, carefully selected, talented design students from all around the world presented fur designs.
The show was held Friday 14 April and took place in an enormous tent, built specifically for the Shanghai Fashion week 2017 occasion.

At Imagine Talents 2017, 25 design students from 13 different universities participated - from England, France, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Greece, Kazakhstan and Denmark.

See all the styles from the 2017 show in Shanghai in the gallery above.

About Imagine:

Imagine is a global design project created in 2014 by Kopenhagen Fur, intended to further cooperation between the fur trade and future designers. The project is aimed at some of the most important design universities in the world, who are then offered an extensive, strategic collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. This consists of teaching and training in fur techniques, collaborations with some of the most skilled furriers in the world as well as a unique opportunity to present the design students at a major fashion show.