Gallery: Jindo stopped by Kopenhagen Studio

Jindo, the Korean design company visited Kopenhagen Fur to find inspiration for upcoming collections featuring fur.

The designer Shiny Star Park and merchandiser Haewon Han from the large Korean design company, Jindo, visited Kopenhagen Fur from Monday 5 September until Thursday 8 September. During the visit that lasted four days they spent time at Studio where they tried out new techniques. They also stopped by a mink farm and the auction house to learn more about the mink's journey from farm to customer.

Jindo is one of Kopenhagen Fur's biggest clients and therefore they were invited to Denmark during the week leading up to the auction in September.

- We loved being here and we saw new interesting techniques and learned even more about working with mink, said Shiny Star Park.

Shiny Star Park has worked with fur in her design process for almost ten years, but she believes she can still learn more by visiting Kopenhagen Studio.

- In Korea, I can only do sketches of my designs but here in Denmark, I also get to work with the fur myself, she said and explained how it means a lot to her that she gets to bring her samples and the new knowledge about fur techniques back to Korea to use for her work.