Grand opening of Kopenhagen Fur bonded warehouse in Tong Erpu

On 27 May, Kopenhagen Fur organized the grand opening of the Tong Erpu bonded fur warehouse with its partners Damco and LiaoNing Bao Sheng Group. Over 500 people from the fur trade witnessed the important moment.


Global Fur Logistics are committed to always provide the best products and benefits for customer and investing in a warehouse in China is the most important step.

Global Fur Logistics started this project more than two years ago. As a Kopenhagen Fur-based company, choosing reliable partners is most important and Baosheng and Danco were chosen because of their unique competences within the fur industry and supply chain.

Kopenhagen Fur and its partners research and investigate the physical condition to ensure the quality of the warehouse - sending warehouse and IT experts from Denmark to China to build up the high standard warehouse. Also repeatedly communicating with Customs and CIQ to create a smooth and simple process to customers, etc. All aim one goal that is to give the best logistics service to the customers.

- In order to provide a high standard logistics solution and a unique supply chain to the customers from the fur industry, Kopenhagen Fur and Damco jointly created Global Fur Logistics. We are going to deliver a world-class service based on the highest standards in the fur industry, says Søren Valentin, COO of Kopenhagen Fur.


The speakers of the event:

Soren Valentin, COO of Kopenhagen Fur

Bruce Ning , PREW CCO of Damco

Gao Xian Ming, General Manager of Liao Ning Bao Sheng Warehouse and Logistic Co.

Chen Zhan Guang, Deputy Secretary General, China Leather Industry Association

Feng Bao Xing, President of China Fur Association, CFNA

Yu Chang Jiang, Chairman of Hei Long Jiang Fur Trade Association 

Ren You Fa,President of Haining China Leather Market

Pan He Xin, President of Jin Fu Ren Fur


Kopenhagen Fur also presented a fashion show featuring its designer collections including the Chinese top designers Qi Gang, Lulu Liu and Zou You.

Designers are the source of innovation in the fur industry. Kopenhagen Fur always attaches great importance to cooperating with famous designers. By providing them with luxury fur materials and technical support, Kopenhagen Fur has made it possible for various kinds of cooperations between designers and artists.