New CEO Jesper Uggerhøj spent his first working week in China

In collaboration with Chairman of the Board Tage Pedersen, Jesper Uggerhøj chose to spend his first week in his new job in China.

Here, he visited various stakeholders within the fur trade's value chain and with Jesper's strong background in the retail sector, the focus was directed towards the many sales opportunities in China.

- I have been welcomed with open arms and great knowledge of the market was shared. I have gained a positive impression of the future sales of fur in China, where our China Office also makes a great effort, says Jesper Uggerhøj.

Using the trip proactively

Uggerhøj also visited several different retail store concepts - everything from sales directly from showrooms in factories to shops in high-end department stores, to stores in the major traditional fur centers.

He also held meetings with several of the world's greatest entrepreneurs in the fur business.

In addition, he visited Kopenhagen Fur's cold storage in Tong Er Pu and Shanghai, a tannery and Kopenhagen Fur's strategic partner, ShangTex.

- It has been a very busy trip with many interesting meetings and certainly a lot of information that we can use proactively, says Jesper Uggerhøj.

He landed in Copenhagen after departing from Shanghai late Friday night and then continued to Jutland.