Video: Inuit Sila launched in Brussels

Inuit Sila greeted the world as a newly formed NGO on October 1st 2015. The launch took place in front of the European Parliament and provided passers-by and politicians with a unique input regarding the Inuit culture, concerns and livelihood.


Representatives of Inuit Sila took the center stage on Place du Luxembourg, when the organization launched itself as an NGO in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. Raising awareness about the Inuit's fully legal seal hunt and export, Inuit Sila is also fighting for the Inuit culture and the future for seal skin as a commercial product. In doing so, they are fighting for a substantial part of the Inuit legacy.

Aaju Peters and Leif Fontaine, both seal hunters, gave a speech depicting the struggle that the Inuits have faced since the seal skin ban, which was introduced by the European Parliament in 2010. Albeit containing and exemption for Inuits, the seal skin export took a severe hit, from which, it has not yet recovered.