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Fur coats, bags, purses and accessories crafted from quality fur sourced from Kopenhagen Fur.

Fur and sustainability

Our approach to fur farming is extremely respectful of the environment and an excellent example of a natural, renewable and sustainable resource.

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Animal welfare in Danish mink farming

Danish research in fur animal welfare extends 30 years back with some of the most comprehensive documentation in livestock research in Denmark.

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WelFur certification of all European fur farms will start in 2017. As of 2020, Kopenhagen Fur will only receive mink skins and fox skins that are WelFur certified.

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The world's largest fur auction house

Five times a year, Kopenhagen fur in Glostrup (close to Copenhagen) becomes an international hub filled with people speaking Chinese, Greek, Russian, English, German, Korean and Japanese or other languages.

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Auction stream

Our streaming service makes it possible to follow the sales live during the auctions.

Go to Kopenhagen Fur auction stream here

Numbers and figures

Here you will find the key figures of Kopenhagen Fur. 

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Auction dates 2018

February 2018:
Inspection:  2 - 6 February
Sales:  7 - 11 February

March 2018:
Inspection:  10 - 16 March
Sales:  17 - 23 March

May 2018:
Inspection:  26 April - 1 May
Sales:  2 - 9 May

June 2018:
Inspection:  14 - 21 June
Sales:  22 June - 1 July

September 2018:
Inspection:  25 August - 1 September
Sales:  2 - 11 September