New times call for a new structure

9 January 2013Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurMarketing

New times call for a new structureKopenhagen Fur merges Business Development and Marketing. This initiative has been taken to create distinctive division between core business and new ventures.

Tackling the Top of the Top

5 December 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurChina

Tackling the Top of the Top     Through a creative fur salon held in Harbin, Kopenhagen Fur successfully left an unforgettable mark on the minds of the top of top-level luxury consumers in the city. It opened up another powerful channel to further penetrating this traditional fur market in the years to come.

Strong Partnership behind rapid development

5 November 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurYuyao

Strong Partnership behind rapid developmentKopenhagen Fur participated in the 5th Yuyao Fur Festival with creative fashion show and professional fur manufacturers training courses. The long-term strategic partnership with Kopenhagen Fur has been recognized as strong driving force for local industry development.

Kopenhagen Fur boosts “Love Knows No Borders”

2 October 2012Markets


On September 15, 2012, "Love Knows No Borders-International Charity Sale for the Lifeline Express Bright Journey" was held in Chaoyang Park. As a socially conscious company, Kopenhagen Fur contributed immensely to the charity event with multiple creative fur accessories, and many others.

Eyes on the Prize, Watched by the Millions

2 October 2012Markets

TagsTorben NielsenChinaCCTV

Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, hits the screen of CCTV-Crossover, an English talk show program with China Central Television (CCTV) with 40 million viewers across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Wonder-Fur Life! First Round Selection Ends Successfully

2 October 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurChina

Wonder-Fur Life! First Round Selection Ends SuccessfullyThe Kopenhagen Fur Wonder-Fur Life Accessories Design Competition was concluded as a huge succes.

Expanding the Value of Fur

2 October 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurTsinghua University

Kopenhagen Fur also kicks off its "Kopenhagen Fur Love sharing charity plan" - a multi-year philanthropic project in China.

Partnership with Tivoli

19 September 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurTivoli

Partnership with TivoliThe world's largest fur auction house, Kopenhagen Fur, and Tivoli has entered into an agreement for a new 3 year collaboration.

"Cooperation and knowledge sharing will allow us to grow"

1 September 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen Fur

"Cooperation and knowledge sharing will allow us to grow"Before the new sales season starts, Kenneth Loberg paid a special visit to the Tianjin-based YINGDAK. It was a confidence building trip that will allow Kopenhagen Fur to increase its presence in the booming Chinese market.

Retail training prepares Certified Boutiques for new season

1 September 2012Markets

TagsKopenhagen Fur

Retail training prepares Certified Boutiques for new seasonCentralized retail training supports Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutiques to be stronger for a challenging new season.

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