Satisfactory clearance percentage

7 March 2014Auction

TagsKopenhagen Fur

Satisfactory clearance percentageThe clearance percentage following the February auction is approximately 14 percent lower compared to last year. But...

Fur fair: New opportunities in Hong Kong

26 February 2014Auction

TagsHong Kong

Fur fair: New opportunities in Hong KongBetter visibility is one of Kopenhagen Furs advantages at the international fur and fashion fair in Hong Kong.

Video: Preparing for April

19 February 2014Auction

TagsKopenhagen Fur

Video: Preparing for AprilThe February auction is over, but there is still a lot going on at Kopenhagen Fur. The skin sorters need to sort approximately seven million skins before the next auction in April.

Furward connects China and Europe

13 February 2014Auction


As a link between the Chinese and European marked, Furward offer services to clients who needs help with design, visual strategy, communication or branding.

Satisfying sale of AAA

13 February 2014Auction


Satisfying sale of AAAThe Kopenhagen Fur AAA brand was well received by buyers in a market with declining prices.

The fur market towards new balance

10 February 2014Auction

TagsFebruary auction

The fur market towards new balanceKopenhagen Fur succeeded in selling the offering of 530,000 Silverblue males and females on the first day of the February auction. Prices declined as expected but not as much as some had feared.

7 million mink skins under the hammer

6 February 2014Auction


The eyes of the international fur trade are looking keenly on Kopenhagen Fur's February auction. The fur market is marked by great uncertainty with regard to the price level on mink skins after low sales percentages and falling skin prices at the auctions in December.

AAA sorting has begun at Kopenhagen Fur

21 January 2014Auction


AAA sorting has begun at Kopenhagen Fur100.000 mink skins will be sorted in preparation to the February auction.

Warmest November in a century and extreme blizzards in North America

9 January 2014Auction


Warmest November in a century and extreme blizzards in North AmericaThe month of November was exceptionally warm. The high temperatures had a clear influence on fur trade. But both Canada and the U.S have experienced record cold temperatures in January.

Top lot for top shop

16 December 2013Auction

TagsTop lotDecember auction

Top lot for top shopMr Jacky Ying who owns the company Tianjin Yingdak Co., Ltd. located in North China, Tianjin, bought the White Velvet Female top lot at Kopenhagen Fur's December auction.

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