Advanced grading and sales

After pelting, the farmers send their fur skins to the Kopenhagen Fur auctions. A comprehensive grading process takes place so each skin lot presents itself as uniformly as possible. This is important, as even minor nuances in colour are detectable in the finished garment.

The criteria for grading the skins are always the same. First the skins are graded according to colour, type and sex. Afterwards the skin length is measured, then the colour grading takes place. Much of the process is automated, using the latest computer technology. Then the skins are graded according to quality by highly skilled experts. Finally, each grading is fine-tuned and the previous gradings are double-checked. The skins are gathered in lots, each of which are given a lot number.

Kopenhagen Fur's labelling system sets the standard for the international fur trade and is based on advanced technology and years of experience with a focus on customer needs.

As the only ISO-9001 certified auction house in the world, Kopenhagen Fur ensures a consistently high quality in grading. Going one step further to identify the quality grading into four categories. The finest skins are called Kopenhagen Purple followed by Kopenhagen Platinum, Kopenhagen Burgundy and Kopenhagen Ivory.