Selling at Kopenhagen Fur

How to sell at Kopenhagen Fur

In order to sell your skins through Kopenhagen Fur you need to:
- Have your own account no. at Kopenhagen Fur (for new farmers please click below).
- Order bar code tags, with your own account no., to put on your skins.

Opening an account 

What to sell at Kopenhagen Fur

For more information concerning the sale of Mink and Fox: please use our seasonal information. For information about other types or questions in generel regarding sales, write to


Skins are sold by auction according to a catalogue which contains detailed information about the lots.
The auctioneer's job is to sell at the highest possible price and to secure that the auction is carried out in a fair way according to Kopenhagen Fur's sales conditions.
Immediately after the conclusion of sales the buyer and sales price will be registered in order for the invoicing to take place.

Farmer visits during selling days

As a farmer you are always welcome to visit Kopenhagen Fur, and especially during selling days many farmers are visiting the auction house.
When visiting Kopenhagen Fur you will be able to attend the sale, have a tour of the auction house and rest in the farmer's restaurant where food and beverages will be served.

In order to prepare your visit, we kindly ask you to inform us when and how many persons will be visiting Kopenhagen Fur. Please call Kopenhagen Fur's country representative or Kopenhagen Fur, tel. +45 43 26 12 55.