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John Papsø new chairman of Fur Europe

27 April 2017 - On 21 April, John Papsø was elected chairman at a Fur Europe Board meeting. He succeeds Kenneth Ingman from Finland. As the new chairman, he wants the European fur business to be more proac...

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Video: Imagine Talents visits design university

20 April 2017 - The 25 international design students, that are participating in Imagine Talents 2017, visited China Academy of Art in conjunction with...

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Gallery: Big fur fashion show in Shanghai – see all the 2017 Imagine styles here

18 April 2017 - As a conclusion of Shanghai Fashion Week in China, Kopenhagen Fur held the large-scale...

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KiCK becomes Kopenhagen Fur Studio

28 March 2017 - In the future, Kopenhagen Fur Studio will manage Kopenhagen Fur's activities aimed at the fashion sector. Kopenhagen Fur Studio will continue the activities that has previously been done by...

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