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Gallery: Farewell and welcome reception for Torben Nielsen and Jesper Uggerhøj

14 April 2016 - Hundreds of people stopped by Kopenhagen Fur this Wednesday to say...

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New CEO Jesper Uggerhøj spent his first working week in China

8 April 2016 - In collaboration with Chairman of the Board Tage Pedersen, Jesper Uggerhøj chose to spend his first week in his new job in China...

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Update for the Kopenhagen Fur Auction App

8 April 2016 - The Kopenhagen Fur Auction App, where one can follow auctions live, will be updated to a newer version.

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Farewell and welcome reception 13 April

1 April 2016 - Torben Nielsen is retiring on 1 April 2016 after 24 years as CEO of Kopenhagen Fur. He will be succeeded by Jesper Uggerhøj.

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