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The opening ceremony of Kopenhagen Fur’s Bonded Warehouse in Beijing

19 January 2017 - The one-stop innovative solution of combining both logistics and storage is a revolutionary approach to ensure the shipment of raw materials...

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Kopenhagen Fur initiated a new standard for the fur industry in China

18 January 2017 - Kopenhagen Fur initiated new standards for the fur industry in China at the Landmark New Year Celebration 2017 held at Intercontinental...

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Video: New machine optimizes packaging

9 January 2017 - A new machine has been installed in the Production at Kopenhagen Fur in Glostrup. The so called Flowpacker will ensure a better and fast...

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Video: Animal welfare on Danish mink farms

19 December 2016 - In the video you can learn more about the welfare on Danish mink farms, when three experts answer some of the most common questi...

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