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Kopenhagen Fur united innovation and design in a magnificent fur show

3 February 2016 - Tuesday evening Kopenhagen Fur presented "Imagine Talents 2016", the fur auction house's newest international design project focused on fur...

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Men embrace fur – fur breaks 60 pct. mark in men's AW 16 collections

28 January 2016 - Fur stole the show during the recent men s AW collections, proving that it's not just for women, with an estimated 63 pct. of shows overall...

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Global fur cooperation kick-starts Copenhagen Fashion Week

19 January 2016 - For the second consecutive year, Kopenhagen Fur jumps the gun and opens Copenhagen Fashion Week with the major international fashion show...

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Sealskins return to Scotland

10 January 2016 - Sporrans made of sealskins are about to have a comeback in Scotland. At least if Greg Whyte has something to say about the matter. He has made sporrans since 1999 in the company Margaret Mo...

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