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Video: Kazakhstani designer explores fur

19 August 2015 - Zhuldyzay Rysbekova won the design competition Open Way during the Kazakhstani fashion week in October.

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Gallery: Fendi conquered the Haute Couture with fur

4 August 2015 - The brand Fendi’s first show at the Parisian Haute Couture Fashion Week was a true “haute fourrure”...

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Gallery: The haute couture designers pack away the winter fur

4 August 2015 - Even though the haute couture fashion week in Paris house the designer’s autumn and winter collections, many big names...

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Fur garment gilded with 24 carat gold

3 August 2015 - Kopenhagen Studio has developed a mink skin gilded with 24 carat gold in collaboration with the German luxury maker Falk Rau.

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