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Beautyberry embraces Swakara

24 June 2016 - Wang Yutao, Designer and Fashion Director of the brand Beautyberry and its sub brand B+, is currently visiting KiCK and Kopenhagen Fur after a visit to Namibia to learn about Swakara.

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Chinese fur businesses falls in love with swakara

24 June 2016 - A group of 13 business leaders from the Chinese fur industry who recently graduated from the Tsinghua University in Beijing's E-MBA...

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World production of mink drops

15 June 2016 - The global production of mink is adapting to the market. Especially in China, the production has dropped drastically. From approx. 72 million mink in 2015 to around...

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Grand opening of Kopenhagen Fur bonded warehouse in Tong Erpu

31 May 2016 - On 27 May, Kopenhagen Fur organized the grand opening of the Tong Erpu bonded fur warehouse with its partners Damco and LiaoNing Bao...

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