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Swakara contributes meaningfully to rural economy

29 August 2016 - According to the Namibian newspaper New Era, Swakara farming has made a significant contribution to Namibian economy...

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The doors are open at Headstart Fashion House

25 August 2016 - The new Headstart Fashion House is located by the dock in Aarhus, Denmark. Wednesday, when they opened their doors for the first...

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Price increase for mink skins

1 July 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur has ended its 10-day June auction with a 4 percent increase in prices. The auction was well visited by approx. 600 customers of which almost 400 were from China / Hong Kong.

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Beautyberry embraces Swakara

24 June 2016 - Wang Yutao, Designer and Fashion Director of the brand Beautyberry and its sub brand B+, is currently visiting KiCK and Kopenhagen Fur after a visit to Namibia to learn about Swakara.

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