FurMark – Your global guarantee of responsible fur

FurMark is a world-class, comprehensive certification and traceability programme that covers sustainability, animal welfare, and the dressing and dyeing of fur. Due to launch in 2020, FurMark will be the international mark for responsible fur, and your guarantee of commitment to the highest sustainability standards.

The FurMark label will give consumers the confidence to select fur as a natural and sustainable choice, and the knowledge that their desired product meets recognised national and international standards.

 All certification programmes and their protocols will be publicly available, science-based, and approved by independent experts.

Sustainable processing standards

FurMark will set the environmental standards for waste water cleaning, and the third-party certification of dressing and dyeing plants. The dressing and dyeing – or tanning and colouring – of fur pelts will be certified through a single, global scheme that protects human health and the environment by restricting or prohibiting the use of certain chemicals.


FurMark’s three key principles

  1. Certification programmes must meet recognised country regulations.
  2. Certification programmes and their individual protocols must be science-based, approved by independent experts, and publicly available.
  3. Verification systems must be impartial and conducted by third parties.

FurMark will comprise of:


  • European certification programme for fox, mink and finnraccoon

North America Welfare:

  • Mink certification programmes in America/Canada
  • Wild Fur programmes covering American and Canadian wild fur
  • Dressers & Dyers – covering chemicals and the environment