Buster’s World Brings Fur in for a More Sustainable Profile

For their AW20 collection Buster’s World has chosen to work with Kopenhagen Fur on implementing fur in his rebellious and colourful universe. Founder of Busters World, Niels Gundtoft, associates Kopenhagen Fur with the Danish design heritage, and to him, fur is not only exclusive but also a material with innumerable possibilities. It is the bio circularity of mink as a material that interests the brand and the overall aim is to reach a more sustainable profile with this collaboration.


Danish values have inspired the characteristic designer
Buster’s World is all about the experience of growing up in Denmark. A country where you are taught that you can be whoever you want to be. This ideal is very comforting and hopeful, yet it leaves kids losing respect for authority and society.

Niels Gundtoft’s muse is the Danish kid growing up in Denmark’s adventurous welfare state. The Danish upbringing is based on ”freedom with responsibility” and with a fundamental spirit that you can do what you want and be exactly who you want, and become exactly whom you want. A comfortable philosophy of freedom, which at the same time results in border-searching teenagers with no respect for authorities.

Designer, Niels Gundtoft grew up in Denmark and he is infusing his collections with a Nordic grim yet pure identity, developing fabrics that mimic the wet and windy streets of Copenhagen and imbue a sense of survival and perseverance to the collections. Gundtoft was trained at London’s prestigious Royal College of Art. His 2016 graduate collection esteemed the Only the Brave Award at ITS - along with his runway debut under the Hærværk cult.

By partnering up with Kopenhagen Fur, Designer Niels Gundtoft is tapping into an everlasting part of Danish design heritage – that of natural materials. As the world’s leading fur auction house, Kopenhagen Fur is front-runner of working innovatively and sustainably with fur. The sustainable traits of fur range all the way from farm to fashion. Fur is a circular bioeconomic product, meaning it comes from nature, beginning with its feed, which is produced of waste of humane food production, and after an ended lifespan, which can sustain up to 40 years, it can become part of nature again.

About his reasons of choosing Kopenhagen Fur as their new partner for his AW20 collection, designer and founder, Niels Gundtoft elaborates “Our brand identifies with the youthful side of Denmark and this year we wanted to bring in the more traditional and exclusive part. Together with The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, and LEGO, Kopenhagen Fur is a part of Danish culture. Also, we are interested in working with sustainability in different ways – and what is more sustainable than the natural material, fur?”.


The collection
With a nod towards LEGO and their use of primary colours, Buster’s World’s AW20 collection is yet again bursting with fun and unique design ideas. The fur added to the collection serves to emphasize details and to add volume to the styles. 

In addition, the collection contains several bags in different sizes and designs, ranging from the classic fanny bag in a new innovative design to a full fur gym bag in the iconic blue colour.


Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20 – CIFF
“We showcase our collections as a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week because we want to identify ourselves with Denmark and Copenhagen as the fairytale capital, that it is. We want to show an alternative side of Danish fashion, which breaks with the usual minimalist framework for Scandinavian fashion and instead, illustrate the more raw, ruthless, but naive side of Copenhagen.” – Founder Niels Gundtoft.


See the full collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week at CIFF.