Tesfa Joseph makes the case for fur at Central Saint Martins

Tesfa Joseph was one of 14 graduate students chosen to showcase their collection at Central Saint Martins’ Press Show for BA Womenswear on May 30. The show took place at CSM and was covered by British and international fashion media

But it wasn’t always set in stone that Tesfa Joseph would be able to participate in the press show:

"A few professors were skeptical about me wanting to use fur in the beginning of the process and they said It might affect my chances on getting into the press show, if I decided to choose that route"

But according to Tesfa Joseph information has been key. He has spent many hours doing his research, studying the fur business, especially the details on animal welfare and the new Furmark Certification programme. Together with his creative partner Tommy-Louis Kraglund they went to visit a mink farm, which was an altogether positive experience that only encouraged their excitement about fur. Tesfa Joseph made sure to provide his professors with all relevant material and in the end, he was selected to participate in the show, based on the story behind his 7-look collection.

Joseph also clarifies that a significant group of fellow students at BA womenswear have also had to reconsider their conception of fur, after speaking to Tesfa Joseph about his approach to sustainable fashion.

Since the 1980s, CSM has developed a reputation as one of the world’s most prominent fashion universities. Every season graduate students from CSM present their own collections during London Fashion Week

Young and bold designers are no news to CSM. Over the years, the university has nurtured some of fashion’s most prominent, free-thinking, and radical designers, such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.