Designer Edward Crutchley brings fur to the London catwalk

Fur made a splash at London Men’s Fashion Week this month when British designer Edward Crutchley showed off his F/W 19-20 collection.

On a runway that mixed formal attire with his signature tongue-in-cheek humour, models including Chinese social media star Hu Bing wore looks containing both Kopenhagen Fur Mink, Swakara, and Norwegian Type Fox, including a cape adorned with an eagle catching a snake and mallard-shaped bedroom slippers.

“The thing that we started looking at was the embroidery, which I had seen in the Kopenhagen Fur Studio Collection, and we wanted to do something based around that,” Crutchley said describing the eagle cape.

His goal in the collection was to use fur as a decorative element to give it a contemporary feel.

The decidedly offbeat duck slippers arose out of a desire to cut loose and go wild with traditional slippers, which are featured in the collection in Swakara and Norwegian Type Fox.

“We started off with the more simple hotel slippers, and really when we were chatting through and working together we said, ‘ooh let’s do those fluffy animal slippers,’ and I think they’ve stolen the show!”