Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur’s “Peculiar” show is a hit with both influencers and public

Instagram mavens and members of the press quickly filled Gallery Christoffer Egelund on Bredgade in Copenhagen’s Royal Quarter for daughter company Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur’s alternative fashion show.

Conceived as a vernissage rather than a runway show, guests did the circulating while models stayed put and performed actions from various aspects of daily life, holding tableaux-vivant-like poses to give guests time to snap a pic amid thumping music.

From having a quick kitchen snack, or a cheeky noodle dinner with grandma, to just doing the ironing, all the scenes featured a quirky twist on models wearing garments from the Oh! 2019 A/W Collection.


We spoke with guests to hear what they thought of the show:

“It was a really fun idea and a good way to see the works of fur ‘in action,’ said Danish fashion doyenne and editor Lotte Freddie. “They really made some very nice designs.”

Influencer Emili Sindlev - “An insanely fun idea. I like the way it’s set up. The way that (this model) is sitting and looking at flowers over there, as if she is staring into the mirror.”

”It’s very cool, and a good model cast.” - Søren Kolborg Sørensen, journalist from Eurowoman

Rasmus Baun Bartram, influencer -  ”I think it was just so amazing with these colour combinations, and it is a really cool universe. I think it’s really awesome.”


Members of the public that came by for the second day of the showing were equally impressed:

 “You get a feeling of the new season collection, which is very nice. It’s light, its original, I saw several things where I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a nice touch of colour that goes out of the normal “boring” fur coat that everyone is wearing,’” - Annabel Campodve

“I think the show is just something that you’ve never really seen before. Normally, it’s a very passive experience and this is just a complete immersion.” - Elise Hammeken