Global Fur Logistics makes world-class shipping even better

Kopenhagen Fur’s in-house shipping provider, Global Fur Logistics (GFL), will once again offer best-in-class service at our March auction.

This season, our Vice President for Supply Chain, Christian Sander, is particularly excited about new initiatives that provide the best possible value for buyers, with new cold storage warehouses where customers need them and even better after-sales care.

“It’s really about creating an added value and flexibility for our customers,” says Christian Sander.

Take Kopenhagen Fur’s new cold storage warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand. Located right next to the dressing houses, making transportation quick and easy when our customers want their skins dressed.

“When a customer buys perhaps 100,000 skins, they might not want to have all of them dressed at once. By using our cold storage warehouses that are right next to popular tanneries, customers can take out a tenth of their inventory at a time, and pay for them in full as they go,” says Sander.

Under Kopenhagen Fur’s transport conditions, it’s possible for our customers to transfer large shipments to cold storage and only pay for the skins once they are transferred to the dressing house.

Always improving for customers

Sander also wants to make sure that customers are satisfied.

“We are able to provide a really good after-sales service. We will follow up on our customers shipments for them, and we are on top of the situation if anything unexpected should happen,” says Christian Sander.

GFL has improved even more by creating a new after-sales service section in our China office. The service is dedicated to monitoring the shipping process and taking care of our customers’ needs and requirements.

Another way that Global Fur Logistics is working to improve customer care is by developing a new pilot online platform where customers can keep track of their skins, shipments, and invoices.

In the future, it will be possible to use this platform to easily give shipping instructions or instructions for release of skins in our storage, and all customers with skins in any of our cold storages will be able to use the platform when it opens.

Sander says it's all part of a commitment to treat customer’s purchases with the utmost care, as if they were their own.

“When customer’s buy skins at a Kopenhagen Fur auction and pay for them, it immediately becomes their property,” he says.

“We treat customers as we would want to be treated, with transparency and  fair pricing. That’s the whole idea behind Global Fur Logistics. To get their purchases, their new property, to them as efficiently and safely as possible.”