Future customers get an intro to Kopenhagen Fur

In January, Kopenhagen Fur hosted its annual sorting and grading course for 11 attendees from around the world.


Now in its 56th year, the course is designed to give those working in fur trade the chance to come behind the scenes at Kopenhagen Fur and deepen their knowledge of the whole value chain from farm to retail.


“Before I came, I didn’t know what to expect from the course. But now, after 15 days in this beautiful country, I am really happy, because I know I will come back to Italy with a lot of knowledge about grading,” said Davide Pesce, who works in his family company Carlo Ramello Furs in Monte Carlo.

His family has worked with fur for three generations, and his father actually attended the same course at Kopenhagen Fur years before. Davide says that gaining a more detailed knowledge about grading will allow him to communicate more effectively with his customers about quality.


Another participant was Linda Wang, who oversees import/export and documentation at a factory for KC Furs in Sichuan.  “My goal in coming on the course was to study fur qualities, including types and clarity, and to better understand the auction system. It was really valuable because I could see the ideas the teacher presented up close and physically for myself,” she said.

Linda feels that the course will also help her do a better job in her day to day work, because she can better understand topics in the production process that relate to skins.


For others, it was also a chance to network with other members of the trade. Youjin Kang and Sunnam Choo came from Eugene Trading in Seoul, South Korea.

“It was really helpful to learn about fur and make friends within this business. I already got help from Greek and Chinese friends that introduced some business contacts,” said Sunnam Choo.


The participants ended the two-week course with toasts and a diploma ceremony in Glostrup.

Kopenhagen Fur CEO Jesper Lauge told the group, “We are always so happy that more people are interested not only in our company, but in general to work with fur as a product.”