Top Lot Spotlight: Fangtai Fur Mixes Mink With Chinese Traditions

Fangtai Fur Mixes Mink With Chinese Traditions

China is renowned for skilled handicrafts that use intricate patterns, like paper-cutting or silk-making. For Fangtai Furs, pairing the ultimate in high-quality mink, a Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot, with Chinese embroidery was a natural fit.

Changping Zhang came to Copenhagen set on buying a prized Top Lot in his preferred colour, Silverblue, for his business that makes bespoke mink coats in Hebei province.

“Quality is extremely important to me. If you look at the skins I buy, the lowest is Platinum quality. I only use the highest quality mink to create garments,” Mr Zhang says.

With a manufacturing base in Zaoqiang county, Zhang and his wife create hundreds of designs with various motifs. Most customers order a single style that often contains intricate patterns which can cost thousands of Danish kroner alone to create. Every year, his company sells over 3,000 coats online.

”About four or five years ago, we got the idea to start using Swarovski crystals in the embroidery,” he explains. Through offering a mix of traditional designs and luxury glamour, he plans to raise his profile among Chinese customers.

Buying the Top Lot in Silverblue will help him do just that, giving him the ultimate in skins to pair with some of his most advanced designs that he can show off to VIP customers.

“Pearl and Silverblue are the main colours in my company. It’s a very popular colour for women and it really pairs nicely with a light skin tone,” Mr Zhang said.

He is a great admirer of the natural Silverblue colour, and does not plan to use dyeing when he dresses the Top Lot skins.

“I have always felt Kopenhagen Fur has the highest quality of mink, and have bought through brokers for many years,” Mr Zhang says. “So, I think having the Top Lot to present to our customers will really show we care about the utmost in quality.”