Top Lot Spotlight: Chatting With A Fire Lady

Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot

After she bought the Top Lot in Palomino Mink, we had a chance to sit down with the face of Firelady, style expert and blogger Fu Zhi’en. Her love of fashion led her to work with the online fur business, founded in 2014.

KF: You grew a large following as a style blogger, but what is your role at Firelady?

Fu Zhi’en: I’m the brand manager.

KF: When did you start to cooperate with Firelady, and how did you get into the fur business?

Fu Zhi’en: We have been working together since 2016. I’ve always had a real passion for the fashion industry, so it has been a great opportunity for me to work with Firelady and help develop a fur fashion brand for women.

KF: How has your first trip to a Kopenhagen Fur auction been?

Fu Zhi’en: I think the auction house looks magnificent and the bidding was very intensive. I am so excited that I could win this Top Lot. In fact, last year we also tried to buy a Top Lot from Kopenhagen Fur but we weren’t successful. This year we came to Denmark determined to win the Top Lot.

KF: Which regions do your customers come from? Can you describe your customer base?

Fu Zhi’en: From all over China. Most of my customers are young consumers between 25 and 35. Their repurchase rate is also quite high, because Firelady has an emphasis on quality.

KF: You bought Palomino mink, which is a lighter colour brown. What kind of styles are popular with your customers at the moment? Are lighter colours trending?

Fu Zhi’en: Based on sales data from Firelady, most women prefer classy and simple styles. For mink garments, popular colours are black and pearl. But I think most Asian ladies are also fond of bright colours.

KF: Are most of the garments you sell full furs?

Fu Zhi’en: It depends. There are full fur garments as well as garments combining fur and other fabrics.

KF: What will you use the Top Lot for?

Fu Zhi’en: We plan to use it to produce a unique garment to show off an advanced design concept to our high-end consumers. Kopenhagen Fur is a very famous supplier of top quality fur skins, and Firelady also pursues first class quality. That matters to us, since a good fur supplier who guarantees a high-quality level for consumers also makes sure they wear very nice fur garments made from good skins.