Welcoming American Mink to our auction room

Kopenhagen Fur is excited to announce that we are broadening our partnership with American Mink Exchange for this upcoming June auction.

We will be offering selected groups of American Mink Exchange’s luxurious short nap mink collection in our auction room, instead of solely through private treaty.

On offer will be 50,000 American Black mink males and 50,000 American Black mink females.

American Mink Exchange only collects mink from the leading farms in the Western United States, primarily in Utah, Oregon, and Idaho – areas known for producing the finest North American short nap mink.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our American short nap skins at the world’s largest auction house. Kopenhagen Fur has a well-deserved reputation as being a leader in the fur world, and its integrity and transparency are second to none,” says Richard Tax of American Mink Exchange.

The sale of these skins will take place on the third day of the auction, Sunday, 24 June, directly following the sale of Kopenhagen Fur’s world-renowned collection of the finest Brown mink females.

American Mink Exchange skins will be available for inspection during our normal inspection dates, 14 – 21 June.

We are also pleased to offer:

  • 20,000 Mahogany males, including Mathews Bros. and other top farms
  • 40,000 Mahogany females, including Mathews Bros. and other top farms
  • 5,000 Pastel males produced by Lynn Mathews and Sons
  • 7,000 Pastel females produced by Lynn Mathews and Sons
  • 14,000 short nap breeders 
The presence of American short nap mink at our auctions will give Kopenhagen Fur customers even easier access to the widest selection of top-quality mink on offer under one roof - CCO Jesper Lauge Christensen