Welcome to Kopenhagen Fur's June auction

Kopenhagen Fur auction

This year’s auction season is nearing an end, and Kopenhagen Fur’s June auction will be the last chance to buy regular goods at large quantities.

As the biggest fur auction in the world, it is here where we collectively determine the market price for our trade – which is why your attendance is so important.

We are proud to present for auction nearly 7.5 million mink skins of diverse types and excellent quality. Over two million fine Brown Velvet mink skins will be on offer, as well as more than a million Silverblue mink skins, a million White mink skins, and 15,000 chinchilla skins.

Kopenhagen Fur is also pleased to report that about 88 percent of the skins from our January, March, and May auctions have already been paid for and shipped, a number consistent with demand in normal market years.

And don’t forget, we will offer about 65,000 Norwegian Type fox in September, with 40,000 Silver Fox, as well as lowgrade and breeder mink skins.


Read our preliminary sales programme online here