Top Lot for online business

Top Lot Chinchilla

The Chinchilla Top Lot offered at the June auction was sold to Mr Hao Zhang from Man Mona, China. It was sold for 1,680 DKK per skin. Mr Hao Zhang is planning to use it for his online business.

- We have an online shop in China selling fur garments and we want to promote the quality of the garments. In China, online garments in general are not very expensive, but we want to take it to a higher level. The quality of the products and a better and updated service online provides a high level of focus in our business. The quality garment that we are going to make from the Top Lot skins is important, but also the certification that comes with the Top Lot. It has great value to be able to show it to our customers. Furthermore, Top Lot skins are important in order to educate our employees about the best quality, says Mr Hao Zhang.

Indeed, quality is important to Mr Hao Zhang and his business. He was set out to get two Top Lots and bid on the Silverblue Cross Male Top Lot that went to Mr Pan Lau. But there will be many more opportunities in the future for Mr Hao Zhang, who has just taken over the family business.

- I came to Kopenhagen Fur’s auction to learn and to buy the Top Lots. This is my first time here – this is the beginning. For the future, I can always be found at the auctions in Glostrup. My father has been running the business for a long time, and now it was the right time for me to take over. This first visit has been very exciting and the atmosphere in the auction room is very good.