Silverblue Cross Top Lot – the new black

Kopenhagen Fur

Mr Lau Pan from the well-known brand in China, Golden Lady Furs, won the bid for Silverblue Cross Male Top Lot at the June auction.

It consisted of 50 skins and was sold at a price of 2,600 DKK per skin.

Mr Pan Hexin has been a customer at Kopenhagen Fur for two decades. His broker has been bidding in the auction room for more than 20 years and, for the last ten years, Mr Pan Hexin himself has been travelling to Glostrup. During that time, he has become more and more interested in top quality mink.

- Golden Lady Furs has had a very good cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur for many years. This is where I can buy the best quality mink skins, which my customers are very interested in. Velvet is selling well in my biggest stores in Harbin, and with the Top Lot I can offer the very best quality to my customers, says Mr Lau Pan. 

It was no coincidence that the Silverblue Cross Top Lot, in particular, caught his interest.

- In the northeastern part of China people often choose black styles. But the demand for more unique fashionable styles has become higher, so this time I wanted the playful Cross Top Lot. Besides being able to promote the Velvet mink quality in China, I will use the Top Lot for a fashionable style in our big store in Harbin that sells a lot of haute couture. It is a very good way to create unique fashion and let more customers know about this quality.