Styles in synergy: Saks Potts and Kopenhagen Fur

Saks Potts

Not only are they big fans of Kopenhagen Fur Mink, the pair credits the mentorship and inspiration they receive from our innovation centre Kopenhagen Fur Studio as an aid in expanding their brand and vision.

“Kopenhagen Fur has really been a big, big help in that way,” says 25-year-old designer Cathrine Saks.

“Kopenhagen Fur has taught us a lot about fur techniques, how to grade fur, and also animal welfare and sustainability. The collaboration has developed over all the years we have been working together, and has been extremely educational for us, and I think also for Kopenhagen Fur.”

Style icons in their native Denmark, the young duo have made a splash on international fashion catwalks with their eponymous brand Saks Potts, known for its ebullient and energetic fur styles that speak to young women.

Business has blossomed due in equal part to their chic aesthetic and a constant focus on sustainable garment construction and craftsmanship.

“Everything about sustainability has really been a big subject for us, and we also teach our customers about fur and that it is much more than a material, it is actually one of the most sustainable materials in the world,” says brand co-founder Barbara Potts.

It’s an affection that goes both ways, according to Kopenhagen Fur’s Vice President for Design and Creativity, Julie Maria Iversen.

“Saks Potts is a brand that has really grown together with us, helping to unlock a new customer segment for fur. A young audience that is attracted to Scandinavian sustainability mixing elegant with exciting, along with bubbly and covetable colours,” Iversen notes.

The brand’s latest S/S 19 collection featured fur dyed in bright pastel periwinkle and purple.

“Whether it is going to be dyed or natural, that really depends on the collection we design. But normally we dye the mink because we love colours,” Potts says.

The pair still enjoy popping into Kopenhagen Fur Studio to receive technical guidance from their favourite expert furrier, Maria Ottosen.

“Sometimes we arrive at Kopenhagen Fur with a lot of crazy ideas. The good thing about Maria is that she is realistic and constructive. She will always say, ‘okay we can’t do this it’s going to be too expensive, but let’s instead do it like this,’” says Saks.

“Our goal is to make beautiful outerwear that stands out in the streets and makes people feel beautiful and feminine. And fur is just a natural choice because it is such a nice and sustainable material,” she says.