Report from Dubai: Modest fashion makes its mark

Kopenhagen Fur Dubai

Kopenhagen Fur was in Dubai last month showing off tastefully elegant fur looks at the six-day Pret-A-Cover Buyer’s Lane modest fashion week.

Modest fashion, or garments that conceal skin with high necks and long sleeves, is a growing market in the Middle East and beyond, with $44 billion of modest clothing sold in Muslim countries in 2015 according to a Reuters report.

As a main sponsor of the event along with Emirates and Aston Martin, Kopenhagen Fur styles received top billing, with many designers and stores interested in finding out how to use fur in their production.

Kopenhagen Fur International Sales Manager Viktoriia Pustynikova met with government officials and local media in Dubai to inspire local designers to work with sustainable fur.

- We’re here to show the modest fashion crowd, particularly expats and locals who often travel to Europe and other cold climate countries, how fur coats can blend well with their clothing without compromising on style and help stay warm at the same time, said Viktoriia Pustynikova.

Kopenhagen Fur also brought along some modest fashions of its own, with a look from designer Lie Sang Bong crafted of black mink and black dyed Silver Fox, and a cashmere jacket with Palomino mink trim from Elise Gug.