Inspection prior to the May auction has begun

Kopenhagen Fur auction

The skins are ready for inspection and the auction customers have begun to arrive. On Wednesday, 2. May the auction will begin. This time, just under 7 million skins will be offered.

Kopenhagen Fur expects approx. 350 customers during the sale. The majority of these are expected to arrive on the final days of the inspection. Approx. 200 are from South East Asia and East Asia, while the rest are from primarily Europe but also from North America and Russia. In addition, a large number of customers are expected to follow the auction via live transmission to special locations in China.

The first day of sale will begin with an offering of Norwegian Type fox skins. The sale of mink will also commence on this day with an offering of over 500.000 Palomino and Palomino Velvet male and female skins.

The auction lasts 8 days and will conclude on 9 May with an offering of White and White Velvet male and female skins.