Rising skin prices on day 2

Kopenhagen Fur's September auction continued today with an offering of Brown males. Bidding was fierce and prices increased 1 to 2 per cent in DDK, whereas the price in USD rose 6 to 7 percent compared to the auction in June. The offering of lowgrades and breeders saw an increase of up to 2 per cent in DKK, which corresponds to an increase of up to 7 per cent in USD.

Brown Velvet females saw an equally strong sale with firm prices in DKK and an increase of up 5 per cent in USD. Lowgrades and breeders were sold at rising prices of up to 10 per cent in DKK and up to 15 percent in USD.

An offering of Pastel males was sold at high prices in the current market but the type hasn't been offered since February making it difficult to put a percentage to the price development.

- Sales have picked up today with a high number of customers in the house. They are experiencing good demand in the auction room creating the upward price tendency, says chief auctioneer Per Knudsen, Kopenhagen Fur.

Sales will continue until 13 September with a total offering of almost 5.5 million mink skins.