Kopenhagen Fur makes Kastoria fur fair appearance

Recently held Kastoria International Fur Fair 2017 featured Kopenhagen Fur and its CEO Jesper Uggerhøj among more than 100 prominent exhibitors from the fur world. Kastoria, the historical Greek fur center, is notable for featuring all parts of the value chain from producers to retailer.

Also present in Northern Greece at the four-day festival was Kopenhagen Fur Studio. On the left picture, Louise and Sofie of the Studio demonstrate special fur techniques to Greek family business Etherion Fur Collection, the same company behind the swakara dress on the right and also a Top Lot buyer at Kopenhagen Fur auctions. Among other activities, Kopenhagen Fur received design students of the Imagine Talents programme.

This was the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair. Greek event organizers report participation from more than 30 other countries, a majority of retailers coming from Russia.