June volunteers check in at Kopenhagen Fur

Tuesday marked the start of this year's second and last Kopenhagen Fur Sorting & Grading Course, offering international volunteers a chance a boost in knowledge about skin qualities and skin sorting, among other things at Kopenhagen Fur. This time around, 22 volunteers are signed on to the course, improving their skills in Glostrup until 21 June. Among them is London-based furrier and designer Rebecca Bradley:

- Obviously, after 10 years in the business, I know a lot about fur, but there's quite a difference between sorting dressed and raw skins. I came here to learn about the raw material and to fine-tune my knowledge of fur, so that I know exactly what I'm buying and I can buy directly from the auction, says Rebecca Bradley while practicing on her favorite mink, the white-but-black-spotted jaguar type.

At this summer's course, Kopenhagen Fur makes extra efforts to cater to volunteers' individual wants and needs. Another new addition is more thorough information regarding the WelFur programme. Most other things remain the same, such as the farm excursion that was conducted already on the course's second day.

The volunteers of June 2017 represent China, Korea, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and the United Arab Emirates. They also represent different parts of the fur business, from import-export companies to designers for the rich and famous.